Great Games

Great Games

Our audience is huge! Our games are played daily by more than 5 million people.

We are one of the few companies in the world to achieve two successful games in the top 100 grossing games in both iOS and Android app stores, and we’ve kept them there for years!

Our goal is to create games that last forever and that can be enjoyed in short, fun sessions.

We make great simulation games, but we also plan to conquer the strategy & RPG genres.

Our Games
Technological Challenges

Technological Challenges

We are working on several exciting projects. Think you can help?

We are building multiplayer technology to enhance our upcoming games by supporting real-time communication and providing an authoritative server.

We care about code quality. All teams carry out code review, and we are constantly improving our Continuous Integration systems.

We never stop enhancing our client/backend communication, which requires a persistent, bidirectional connection across different devices and varying network conditions.

We need to maintain and evolve our infrastructure in order to support millions of daily connections and respond to them using the fewest resources and data possible.

We love data! We use Big Data to enhance players’ game experience, and machine learning helps us improve game content.

We automate our production pipeline as much as possible: assets, content, continuous integration.

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